virtual mockups

virtual mockups-virtual tours to experience the look and feel of its physical transformation

virtual mockups are a proposed design built before the real construction ,it is a full sized representation made in order to get the actual idea and details,to test for performance, and clarify the appearance of the final structure. Physical pre-construction mock-ups, by their nature, are time consuming, costly, and are limited to one design alternative with only minor variations.

Advantage of virtual mockups:

  • You can easily analyse the complex parts of your projects with out wasting money.
  • Quick analysis of design alternatives.
  •  save time and money
  •  Reduced risk
  •  Solve design and constructability issues in advance of construction.

our construction experts will build a highly-detailed virtual mock-up of selected parts of your project and provide you with a set of renderings, 3D animations, and a constructability report.

 Based on your virtual mock-up, you can also choose to expand the analysis to:

• Assess the impact on the design of changing finish materials and colors

• A 4D sequencing simulation

• Analyze environmental performance

• Obtain highly accurate quantities and cost estimates

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