About Us

With the starting of ArtworkDigitizing ,we had a vision in our mind about it.It was to be unique and standout in this online labyrinth of companies where many offer services at cheap prices, but at the same time its not from quality aspect.
We at artwork allow you to customize any of your chosen custom printed artwork. It is a general notion that custom word means high prices ,but we offer our clients our services at a very reasonable and affordable prices. You will see that we never compromise our level of work and professionalism ,that gives our customers and added advantage of the rare combination that is highest level professionalism and quality artwork at affordable rates. we also do not charge set up fees. we strongly believe in your ROI and thought of the customers that want to turn around and sell their garments and still make a profit without having to buy huge quantities .For sure you can get a better deal from us if you buy more items compared to just 2-3 but even at a quantity of 3 you still have room for profit, even with your own Artwork and you would not be disappointed!.
You can also trust us for your work to be awe-inspiring. Being an online company ,still we provide facility with a design conference room where our friendly and experienced experts are ready for you to guide you through every step of the way. We don’t expect you to know everything about printing, don’t hesitate we are here to take care of it!

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